Lovely Wife And Number 1 Son
Lovely Wife And Number 1 Son

Quick Notice To Developers/IT Salesmen calling me, especially those with broken foreign accents:

Sorry, but in this house American Christians come first.

This is a Hobby Site.
I don’t need or want your unsolicited advice or help.

Don’t Call Me for any reason.

I am very busy and get very annoyed when Sales People give me cold calls.

Take me off your call list NOW!

I will hang up on you and maybe even insult you or even worse engage you in a long drawn out conversation to use up your phone time at the end of which I will say no, insult you, and hang up!

Hello World of Backyard Chicken Lovers,

Number #2 Son On Santa’s Lap

May I introduce myself, my name is George and my wife is Deni and we have ventured into the world of Backyard Chickens, from Conception to End Of Life.

That sounds kind of harsh, doesn’t it?  Well it can be.  You have to build or buy the right accommodations for your birds.  Coops, runs,  and protect against predators you didn’t even know you had.

You have to be ready for diet, free ranging, or the chicken run,  rats, broody hens, cockerels, breed variations,  incubators, ordering fertile eggs or having a Cockerel mate with your Hens, collecting fertile eggs from the nests, candling, PEP, cooking/incubating your birds for 18 days, humidifying your birds for the next 3 days when they hatch, timeframes, humidity control, temperature control, carbon dioxide and monoxide, nurseries, inoculations, assisted birthing, stillbirths, dead bird disposal, sexing, 24/7 attentiveness to the birthing process, covering the chick with your hand to warm it, cleaning egg turner if bird hatched out before you could retrieve it.

Not everyone cares to put the detail in the Devil the way we do, but you’ll at least get an idea of a possible approach to your backyard flock.

Well, there is much more and that’s what I intend to touch on both questions and answers so fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a the ride.

Roofi and Gang Of Three
Roofi and Gang Of Three