We used the following Pro Series Incubator Model 4200 put out by Tractor Supply.

It’s also called the Little Giant.

With all this wonderful equipment, I still like to be creative and design my own additions. For example I’m going to either use a cooler that I already have or buy a styrofoam cooler at a grocery store for a brooder. I’ve ordered a temperature controller that will regulate things in the cooler to facilitate that environment. You have to have a warm draft free place to nurse the chicks along for two or three days. Once they develop and attitude, (usually on the 3rd day after hatching,) it’s off the pens in the shed where all they need is 85-90 degrees and plenty of room to move from the warmth of an infrared lamp, (I use two for redundancy,) and a barn heater because this time of year is cold here.