Keeping Busy

I retired before my wife and needed something to keep me busy until she would retire months later, so I disassembled an old Chicken Coop from my Mother’s house down the road from us, a coop that she didn’t have any use for anymore so  at her request, I gleaned some piers, some old used 2″ x 4’s and most useful of that was a deck to build the new coop upon.

I had a few modifications for my coop. I’m not much of a fan of corrugated plastic for a roof.  First thing to go was the roofing.  We have an abundance of natural Chicken Predators so my goal was to make my coop bulletproof as possible.

Original Coop
With the hanging nest box.
With the hanging nest box

So, off the the lumber/hardware store and I get some new 2×4’s siding, plywood for the floor, a few more piers, fencing for the skirt, and chicken wire, nails and paint.  Also was concrete rebar the kind you use in driveways.  It’s a kind of rebar wire cloth with a 4 x 4 mesh.

Costco Shed
Costco Shed







We also went to the local pet store and bought 6 Barred Rock Pullets and put the 5 day old chicks in a wire cage about 2.5′ wide and 5′ long.  Bought some light fixtures with an infrared lamp, chick water feeder and chick feed dispenser, 50 lbs of chick medicated starter feed, grit.

The year before I had built a 8 x 12 Shed purchased from Costco and made room on a cabinet I had scrounged up.  I dug a 2′ deep trench,  placed some 3/4″ gray electrical PVC and ran 110 to the shed.

So, I have a powered shed for the nursery.  It’s got lights and heat and a radio to keep the human sound near by.
The first phase of my Chicken Farming.  Build the coop and chicken run.