Well All Equipment Was Moved

Moved the empty incubator out to the Chicken Shed.  The house is free of all the chirps and needs of newborns to get warm.  Got the electric bill, OMG.  Well it was cold outside.   We had 3 x 250 watt infrared lamps going, a electric barn heater, and our own heat was a bit higher than normal in our central heating.  I would say these eleven chicks cost us around $350.00.  We will cull 7 cockerels so that gets down to 5 pullets.  That’s about $70.00/per pullet.   But we learned a lot.  Number 1.  Buy pullets at the pet/feed store for around $3.00/ each.  2. We can do it easily.  3.  Find a broody hen in the warm seasons.  $70 each is a lot of eggs minus the feed.


3 More Chicks Today

One Rooster and two Pullets. Hurrah. That makes 5 Pullets. We can live with that. Now I have to write the book or do’s and don’ts. I’ve been putting out fires all day. Every time I sit down to try to accomplish something I get pulled away to deal with issues. Won’t go into details but just know life gets complicated sometimes.

Pipping started midday yesterday

2:30a.m.   December 5th, 2015

NOTICE: In 3 days there will be some site shut down for 15 minutes and disruption while the site is upgraded.

Using the application VLC on a PC,  I’m able to hook up an old web cam to watch the progress of my eggs in the incubator.

I imagine when I get some time I will serve that straight to this web site.

The nice thing about that is I can work on my Mac and keep an eye on the progress of the chicks unzipping in order to hopefully be there in time to remove the egg before it makes a mess.

I’ve come up with some nice modifications to the off-the-shelf feeders.  I cut the bottom part of a vinegar bottle off, then cut a hole the size of the part that screws together and fit it to the feeder and cut arches in it along so there is less spillage of the feed on the floor of the chicks cage.

I cut the pattern using a fine tipped soldering iron.

Also took a lemonade bottle, cut a small vent hole in the top of the lid going through the plastic with the lid attached and invert that into a small metal desert dish.  The hole will be set at the water level when the jar is turned upside down.

These efforts are in order to keep the pens clean and not waste product.

I’m watching and hearing the chick makes it’s move right now.  Whenever I attempt at removing the egg and put it in it’s nursery, the process seems to stop.  So I put it back in the incubator.

I hear faint chirps.

The process seems to follow growth patterns of the chick as it fills the void of the shell, and needs to stretch.  I think when it feels jammed in is when it awakes and pushes outward.

Oh Wow, a bear if eating out of our trash can out front.  Tinker is going ballistic.  Yell a the thing, and it acts like you don’t exist.  I slammed the door over and over, no effect.  I’m not sure what was in the trash can.   We don’t usually put things out that might attract bears unless it’s the night before pickup.  (Adrenaline Rush.)


Expect some failures

We went shopping yesterday, and there was one pip.   Usually this indicates at least a four hour wait until the unzipping, so we go shopping.  We arrive back and like the alien pods on the Movie Alien, this one had popped out of the shell in the incubator and was crawling around in there trying to get out making all kind of cheeping and chirping sounds.  I opened the cooker and it tried to escape over the edge and I barely could hold it back, but managed to before it could fall.  This is almost a repeat from the day before this.  Both came out healthy and really strong.

Well, after the arrival, we have to go shopping and then see another pip develop.  We think, OK, we’ll go shopping and not worry.  We get back and no joy.  It’s still there making very faint sounds.  We know we have a troubled bird.   We wait and notice no sounds so we decided to help it out.  We crack tiny pieces of shell off to hopefully find a air hole.  No joy. There is life, but it is very faint.  Well, long story short this one wasn’t very good.  Turned out to be a Cockerel.  We decided to let it pass and it did.

Right now we have 5 cockerels and 3 pullets.  Hope the ratio turns in favor of the pullets.  The wife doesn’t like the idea of raising meat birds, but I do.

3rd Day Not WYSIWYG

Well, I wish to thank the WordPress staff on the great look and feel of their application.

There is a bit of a learning curve and I wish it was what you see is what you get with the photos.

Upload an apple photo and it sits on it’s side.

Other than this this is a pretty spiffy application.